Geek Vapor/ V Elixir

Butter Rum- Like a Lifesaver

David Banner- The Green Jolly Rancher

Fireball- Red Hot Cinnamon

Frozen Over- Peppermint

Miami's Vice- If you like Smarties, you will love this!

Pixie Dust- Just like a Blue Pixie Stix

Scottish Clouds- Butterscotch in a Bath of caramel and Brown Sugar

Shoryuken- Just Like a box of Red Hots

Ssintiment- Fresh Cool Menthol with a Hint of Spearmint

Vape the Rainbow- All the Skittles in your Mouth at once


Ocean Kraft

Purple- Your favorite Jolly Hard Candies, Fused into and Amazing Vape

Red- Cherry Jelly Bean


Bon Bon- Kiwi Jelly Candy

Save Your Vape

Gummy Beast- White Gummy Bear


White Chocolate- White Chocolate Pieces

Cookies and Cream- Like The Hershey Bar

The Hype

Cotton Candy- Red and Blue Cotton Candy

Fairy Fire

Wizards Spell- Rice Crispy Treats

Druid- Peach Rings